A5 a psychological thriller that shows the consequences of a encounter between opposite generations but equally disturbed.

In the beginning of the 21 century an exhibitionism  trend took place of Brazilian young generations. An incontrollable desire to become a celebrity trough video websites. The popularity search made many people show off their intimacy and many times their attitudes would overcome the order limits. 40 years before, in the 60s, the country was living a completely different situation, when the dictatorship strictly conducted the society and almost everything was restricted.

2012. Two climbers found a cell phone in a climber route and when they turned it on they started watching some videos recorded with it. Now, knowing the truth they will try to space but they will have to deal with this threat that is watching them.


Promotion and distribution: Sitz (www.sitz.com.br)


15 min. | Digital – Full HD (1920 x 1080) | color | 2012

Sponsor: Portal Descubra Curitiba (www.DescubraCuritiba.com.br)

Co-production: Centro Europeu (centroeuropeu.com.br)

Press relations and social networks: Sitz (www.sitz.com.br)

Written, produced and directed by: Gustavo M. Machado (facebook.com/sigaogustavo)

Soundtrack and sound desing: Matheus Duarte (facebook.com/matchduarte)

Art Direction: Denis Oliveira (facebook.com/denis.oliveira.9022)

Costumes: Tainah de Pauli (tainahdepauli.com.br)

Director of photography: Lincoln Barela (facebook.com/lincoln.barela)

Production Assistant: Julia Dalcin (facebook.com/judalcin)

Coordination: Fernando Severo (facebook.com/fernando.severo.90) / Diego Lopes (facebook.com/diego.lopes.520900)